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The Most Authentic Taste of Trinidad Carnival


  • When is Carnival?

    • Carnival in Trinidad + Tobago occurs the Monday and Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday, which is determined by the Catholic Church. For 2020, Carnival is February 24th and 25th. While the main parade is held on these two days, Carnival is truly a season that begins on Boxing Day (December 26th), filled with fêtes and other events. With your package, you will be in Trinidad from Thursday 20th - Thursday 27th.

    • For 2020, please arrive in Piarco International Airport no later than 10:00 pm on Thursday 20th.

  • Where are we staying?

    • For 2020, the LX Experience will be staying in the Halyconia Inn, minutes away from Queens Park Savannah, where the main stage for Carnival lives. Halyconia is a quaint, low-tier, inn ran by the hospitable Linda, who herself, prepares breakfast for the guests every morning. LX has also arranged for Halyconia to provide dinner for our Travelers during the course of the trip. LX’s goal has always been to fully immerse the Traveler in the Trinbagonian experience. So while it is not a 4 star hotel, you will experience truly local accommodations and food.

  • Why does the price range so much?

    • Carnival, while annual, is still a seasonal celebration so the prices are dependent on flight deals, vendor pricing and currency exchange fluctuations. However, LX works closely with these vendors to ensure that you will have the most affordable package possible without the stress of planning it yourself.

  • What is the currency exchange rate?

    • The currency exchange is roughly $1 US to $6.85 TT. While US dollars can be used in Trinidad + Tobago, we would recommend changing the currency either in the bank, or the airport. We strongly advise alerting your bank prior to travel to avoid any interruptions in accessing your account. ATMs are available throughout the country.

  • What travel documentation do I need?

    • A passport valid for a minimum period of six (6) months from the date of entry into Trinidad + Tobago is required. No visa is required for citizens of the United Kingdom, United States, nor CARICOM countries (with the exception of Haiti). For further visa information, please click here.

  • Would I have cell-phone service?

    • Yes. You can either contact your current service provider for international roaming, or purchase a sim-card for one of two of Trinidad + Tobago’s major providers: B-Mobile and Digicell. T-Mobile offers free data and text messaging in the Caribbean.

  • What is a fête?

    • Fête is a French word which translates to celebration or festival. In Trinidad + Tobago, a fête is best described as a massive outdoor party along the lines of music festivals such as Coachella or Ultra. Fêtes range from breakfast parties, starting at 4am to 11am to all night spectacles from 10pm to 10am. Within recent years, all-inclusive fêtes have become the norm, where unlimited food and alcohol is provided. However, always have some “vex money” (small amount of cash) on your person in case of any unforeseen emergencies.

  • How safe is Carnival?

    • Carnival is typically the safest time to visit Trinidad + Tobago, however, as on any international trip, you should be very cognizant of your surroundings at all times. Do not carry large amounts of cash on you and do not wear flashy jewelry (we advise not to bring any). Stay with the group, but if you must venture out, always go with someone and let the rest of the group know.

  • What should I pack?

    • Your passport! Additionally, bring clothes to party! Carnival fêtes allow for everything from well-dressed events to “stink & dutty” parties where mud and paint are involved, so bring clothes you don’t mind getting rid of afterwards. A full suggested-packing list will be provided, but bring what you are comfortable with. Carnival is a time to be free, but know your personal limits. Also, seriously, be sure to have your passport!

  • How do I get my costume?

    • This is why you’re with LX! As part of your package, LX will be securing and picking up your costume, so when you arrive, it’s already waiting for you. All we will require from you are your measurements. For Carnival 2020, LX is playing with ROGUE. Since LX is a group activity, we aim to place all travelers in the same “section” depending on availability (similar costume accounting for “front” or “back” line) for Carnival Monday & Tuesday.

  • I changed my mind, can I get a refund?

    • Unfortunately, packages with LX are non-refundable but they are transferable provided at the discretion of LX and a suitable replacement. It is recommended that all participates in the LX Activity purchase trip cancellation coverage. Trip cancellation insurance is the only means of receiving reimbursement for flights and other non-refundable expenses should you cancel your Activity experience for any reason, whether voluntary or as a result of LX’s actions.

  • Any recommendations for first-timers to Carnival and/or LX?

    • Carnival is not a vacation; it’s an experience! And when traveling with LX, you become a Trinidadian for a week. With us, you’re family. But don’t expect a luxurious getaway, nor the spa treatment. While LX strives to make your experience as comfortable (and affordable) as possible, we only really have one mandate: party hard! We also believe sleep is for the weak, so grab some whenever you can. As this is a group activity, you will be surrounded by the same people for quite some time, sharing rooms, transport and vibes, so be sure to get to know your fellow travelers. Also, pace yourself! Drink lots of water, eat hearty, and consume your alcohol responsibly. Treat Carnival as a marathon, not a sprint. Finally, have fun!