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The Most Authentic Taste of Trinidad Carnival

The LX Experience

your all-inclusive

Trinidad Carnival Concierge

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carnival is not a vacation, it’s an experience

Picture this: You land on a tropical paradise knowing that for the next seven days and seven nights you will be bombarded with sweet, sweet soca music, a festival of colour, delicious local food, and the most infectious happiness you’ve ever experienced. Whether it’s your very first time or you’re a bonafide feteran, what’s for sure is that you’re about to be a part of the greatest show on earth, Trinidad Carnival!


an all-inclusive adventure

Our claim of the “most authentic experience” isn’t just cheekiness or “ol’ talk” as the locals say. When you’re with us, you’re with family, and you will truly be living like a Trini for an entire week.

You’ll be staying in quaint local accommodations - a stone’s throw away from the Queen’s Park Savannah - with true Trinidadian food provided each night. In addition to transportation throughout your entire stay, you will also have access to some of the most in demand premium events.

Imagine partying in the middle of the Caribbean Sea after a trip on a glass bottom boat. Or eating doubles, a local delicacy, as you party to sounds from the hottest DJs. Or how about jumping in a forest covered in paint and mud at 4:00 am with the only light coming from 20-foot music trucks?


the beauty of the island

In the midst of all the festivities, you will still have time to enjoy the Caribbean culture. While we don’t expect you will sleep very much, you will have time to enjoy the sun, sand and sea of Trinidad & Tobago.


get in your section

But we all know what you really want to do, and that’s parade in the streets of Port-of -Spain in your costume! With The LX Experience, you will be jumping in the hottest band, wearing the sexiest costume, partying with the most beautiful people. And the best part? It’s all stress free! No scampering online, nor waiting in line to get a costume. Because with LX, you’re covered. With LX, you’re family.


many are called, few are chosen

A quick Google search will show you that carnival concierge services are plentiful and, in fact, you can probably figure all this out on your own. But with LX you will have the comfort and confidence in knowing that you have an experienced and dedicated team working behind the scenes to ensure that your trip is as stress free but as eventful as possible! From your accommodations to your costume, everything is done for you, so all you need to do is show up!

You’ll also meet the most epic people in your group of travellers, and insider knowledge into the history and going-ons of the greatest show on earth!

Our job is to make sure you leave Trinidad & Tobago, possibly exhausted but thoroughly satisfied, counting down those 365 days until you’re on the road again with The LX Experience!


We can't wait to have you join us.

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Nana - Washington DC

My biggest worry for the whole trip was whether I had enough juice left in me to make it through the next song. Not where we’d be staying or the best place to eat (answer: our hostess’s kitchen) or even what fete and band would be liiit. That’s the beauty of traveling with the LX group… everything from easy payments in installments to prime accommodations to convenient transportation and all things in between was expertly selected to squeeze every second of fun into the carnival experience. As a first timer to Trinidad it was priceless to be able to work and play with a hype group of like minded people who knew the lay of the land and made it feel like home without breaking the bank. I partied from wheels up on the plane to dragging my tired behind on the last bus after playing mas and still have the tan lines to prove it (four months later). This trip was the ultimate graduation present to myself.

Orisa - New York

Let me preface this testimony with, I hated Soca music up until Friday February, 5th, 2016. And like many Jamaicans, it’s Dancehall all-day, everyday. Now standing firmly on the contrary, with incessant glee, I profess that I have been reformed!!!!!  I haven’t gone a day since without listening to Soca music. I lived through an experience that words simply can’t describe.  To say I enjoyed myself would render this address an understatement. I lived on a cloud for 144 hours, albeit the absence of sleep, nutrition, and legs cramp – it’s what happens when you’re whining too low for your own good ;-). I’m only left with a recurring slogan “Every Red Cent”. It’s my response to anyone that asks me about my time spent in Trinidad. It is worth EVERY RED CENT! You won’t be disappointed.

Akil - New Jersey

LX gave me the opportunity to experience carnival like you should, as if you were with family and friends. Spoken from someone who has been around Trinidad Carnival all his life, they were able to capture the essence of the carnival season and what it means to play mas. From the local foods, to the all inclusive events, they make sure you experience it all. I truly had an amazing time and plan on going every year with my now family over at LX!


Queens Park Savannah, Trinidad


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